Poaching and illegal trade of spotted deer in Sundarbans

Village resident, poachers, shikaris, trappers and pirates are involved most in such illegal poaching of deer.

Unanimously, a gang of over 30 jungle pirates are active in wildlife killing and illegal fee collection from local forest resource of Sundarbans.

Moreover, wildlife trading of hides and skins, teeth and other bones, venison is taking place. However, such activities are illegal and are necessary to stop the trading of wildlife products.

Objectives of this study

  1. To review the published articles on the poaching and illegal trade of wildlife in Sundarbans.
  2. To prioritise the issues discussed in those reports.
  3. To prepare an own datasheet to trace the severity of the poaching and illegal trade.
  4. To review the existing laws to protect the poaching and illegal trading of the wildlife.
  5. To find the key reasons why the poaching and illegal trade of wildlife is taking place.

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Zulker Naeen

Zulker Naeen

South Asia Fellow at Climate Tracker