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Zulker Naeen
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At Moldtrix, we provide our customers with mold repair services. It may surpass your expectations. We not only can create new custom mold, but also we repair your existing mold if it requires. Moldtrix can handle small mold up to large mold weighing up to 25 tons. Whether your company’s location is, our mold repair services and staff are ready to solve it.

Why are we best in mold repair?

We are one of the top leaders in our industry. Accordingly, we use machine tools that use the latest technology to repair mold. We have different molding machines ranging from 100 tons up to 1500 tons.

One of our main mold making tools is a state of the art 3D CAD/CAM system that helps our repair work with detail one.

We aim to provide dependable services with an outstanding result. That is why, we train our staff to be experts in using our equipment in making mold repairs.

The best mold repair at Moldtrix.

No matter the extent of the damage, if your mold is apparent, we have the tools to repair it. After all, our equipment and skilled staff have the combined experience you need.

You may contact us.

Our office, located in Dhaka, is locally owned and operated. Moldtrix operates 24 hours per day, six days per week. Contact us on 01712377889 for more info about our custom injection molds.

Which Industries Do We Serve?

We serve the pharmaceuticals, electronics, equipment, household, stationeries, optical, glassware, food, beverages, toys, fashions, lightings, and machinery parts. We manufacture injection mold parts for the consumer products, computers, telecom, general appliance, and medical industries.

What Do We do?

We use precision injection molding machines that have a balanced barrel gram capacity along with optimum tonnage range. All devices have high-precision manufacture repeatability. We provide the equipment that consists mostly of parts, sub-assembly units, and mold components. Our expert mold designers guarantee such precision mold that meets your demand.

Full-Service Manufacturing.

Moldtrix has the in-house proficiencies to develop an injection mold from scratch to end. We usually provide a complete turnkey manufacturing solution, including 3D modeling, mold flow-mold filling analysis, mold design, mold making, mold sampling, part inspection, debug mold, and production molding.

Also, we offer full-fledged services in terms of mold manufacturing, all located under one roof. It maximizes our abilities to manage projects, coordinate manufacturing tasks, and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

State-of-the-Art Equipment.

We’ve got an excellent reputation in mold manufacturing­ with proven success dealing with complex projects. One reason for our success is our investment in state-of-the-art equipment facilities that reinforce our capability. Also, our plastic injection molding division contains necessary support equipment, guarantees process efficiency.

Updated Equipment.

Above all, we use the most updated equipment to keep pace with plastic injection molding technology. Consequently, we have partnered with reliable equipment OEMs that share our values related to outstanding products backed by exceptional performance and service.

Mold Machining Technology.

Accordingly, our mold machining technology ensures a tight tolerance for manufacturing. It includes Wire EDM machining, CNC Milling Machining, including high-speed graphite, electrode machinery, high-end CAD software to design unique plastic mold and tools.

Do you know about our technical expertise?

So far, a team of degreed engineers is ready to supervise your project. They are experts in manufacturing close tolerance plastic mold and injection molding. Therefore, our skilled processors, technicians, and quality controllers ensure daily production and molding activities properly.

We ensure proper support equipment.

Also, each injection molding machine has necessary support accessories includes granulators, material dryers, oil temperature controllers, and water thermometers. Moreover, we use a three-coordinate measuring machine and additional support equipment. So far, a highly trained plastic engineer and quality assurance staff do accurate inspections.

We follow a client-centric approach.

As your mold manufacturer, Moldtrix always tries to meet a client’s requirements. Also, we try to find the best ways to make plastic injection molds together.

What our molding technology ensures?

An experience of molding technology drives us to be a specialized mold manufacturer in Bangladesh. However, our unique combination of technical expertise and molding experience has allowed us to give full-fledged solutions to intricate molding.

However, at Moldtrix, you are welcome to monitor our entire process of mold manufacturing. Finally, we wish to thank you for your ongoing support for our initiatives going forward.

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